Ancient Writings

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No New Posts The Book of Laws

Here lie, written and disguised as one of the forbidden love letters, the laws that you must follow. Read them well, a secret is concealed among them.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

1 1 Rules
by Caesar Lions
Jan 27, 2009 22:35:24 GMT -5
No New Posts The Happenings of the Land

This is the story of the land that you explore and adventure. It is the tale that formed the Kingdoms into what they are today.

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1 1 Plot
by Caesar Lions
Jan 28, 2009 1:00:41 GMT -5
No New Posts The Book of People

This is the place to create your character. Make sure you've read the rules, you won't get far here without them.

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Sub-boards: Canon List, Accepted Characters, Pending Characters, Declined Characters, Claims

20 21 Jobs of the Crew (See here for details)
by Caesar Lions
Feb 1, 2010 16:54:13 GMT -5
No New Posts Old Text of Beasts

Record of the creatures of the land. Come here to learn a little about them.

Sub-boards: Races, Beastiary, Pets

9 9 Bawolt
by Sirinity Godspeed
Jun 21, 2009 18:40:05 GMT -5
No New Posts The Scroll of Hearts and Hates

All the emotions that ever were, or ever will be, are written here.

Relationship Board

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7 15 What will happen when the waves finally set?
by Sorcha Stern
Feb 1, 2010 14:32:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Special Announcements

Here, you can check out any news or announcements. Activity checks and Contests will also be held here.

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3 13 Activity Check... Important!
by Caesar Lions
Jul 31, 2009 11:32:58 GMT -5

Kingdom of Fox

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No New Posts Fox Castle

This is, or was, the Castle of the Kingdom. Decorated with the most artistic of sculptures, paintings and other artworks, it was the heart and pride of the people. Now, Fox Castle is completely empty. The Pirates found it too large and closed in for their liking, but weren't willing to return it to the subjects. So now it is empty. Each and every room, save for a few rats and a couple dozen spiders. It was glorious once, when it was clean. Now it just waits for its dying day, slowly rotting away a little more as the weeks go by.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-board: The Royal Graveyard

1 24 Wandering(open)
by Rascal
Jul 15, 2009 17:52:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Blackfox

This is the one and only village that the old subjects managed to save from the Sea Hounds. But even still, they must fight to keep it. Most of the people here live in peace, while others, whom are part of the towns defense, sleep with one eye open. The appearance in the village hasn't changed at all, save for the damaged property during fights. Other than, its beauty still shines proudly, a striking pearl compared to Liquorpool.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

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No New Posts Fox Forest

This forest suits its name. Foxes run through the trees in search of small animals and birds' nests that were built upon the ground. This forest isn't very thick, but it is big. The trees are spaced about ten feet apart from one another, making it easy to see while hunting.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

1 9 Hunting...(Alaya, open)
by Taylor Fireheart
Oct 26, 2009 19:09:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Liquorpool

This is the main town inside the Kingdom of Fox. What was once a beautiful place has now become the heart and pride of the Sea Hounds' land. In a sense, it is still beautiful. It's just been redecorated to a Pirate's dream town. Drunks sing heartily in the streets, bar fights can be heard from the tavern, small traders' and travelers' shops have appeared on the side of the road (selling mostly stolen items), and there is the occasional sword fight in the alleyways and backstreets. Grab your rum and join the party! Yo ho! Yo ho! A Pirate's life for me!

Sub-boards: Hall of Travelers, The Sea Hound Saloon

7 211 Drinking Rum, What Else? (Carmen)
by Caesar Lions
Sept 11, 2009 15:24:53 GMT -5

Kingdom of Serpents

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No New Posts Serpent Castle

The Castle, like just about everything else, is now ruled by the Sirens. They have helped themselves to everything that was left behind by the upperclassmen that they drove out. Pearl necklaces, diamond rings, satin sashes, goose down pillows, cotton scarves, and elegant bedrooms all belong to them now.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: Dining Hall, Courtyard, Bedchambers , Ye Ole Library, Dungeons, Snake Bridge

1 32 Remember...
by Caesar Lions
Jan 17, 2010 1:36:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Pythonburrow

This is the only town in the Kingdom that isn't under Pirate control, though Sirens are still spotted visiting it from time to time. The civilians live peacefully here, and enjoy their freedom away from most of the Pirates. They fight to preserve what is left of their beloved Kingdom.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-board: Lillian Hill

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No New Posts Cutlass

This is the town of the Sirens. It is better kept than Liquorpool. In fact, it is actually clean and neat, though it still has its unique Pirate touch. Bar fights don't break out as often, and there are still a number of drunks in the town. Civilians are still very much in the minority, but they are safer here than in the Kingdom of Fox. Although the safest place for them would still be Pythonsburrow, some refuse to give up their home.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

1 149 Out For A Stroll (Alaya/open)
by Titus Cortez
Nov 16, 2009 22:07:54 GMT -5

The Free Lands ~ Zildjian

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No New Posts Zildjian Forest

This forest is free from either kingdom. It rests peacefully here, a home to many creatures of the wood. This place is large, but dense. It's easy to lose your way in here if you stray too far from the trail...

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: Zildjian River, Deepwater Pond

1 5 Frightening Pasts{plot}(open,Caesar, Siri)
by Caesar Lions
Feb 9, 2010 22:13:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Seahorse Bay

This bay has some history behind it. It was first thought to be absolutely filled with seahorses, and was so named. But sadly, it was a mistake. Seahorses are creatures that only live in salt water, and could not exist in this freshwater bay. However, a similar species, called Syngnathus, also known as pipe-fish, dwell in this area. Its waters come from the Zildjian River, and it is safe here. Protected by both rocks and trees, this is perhaps the cleanest bay in all the world.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

1 10 .:Lost in Contentment:. {Open}
by Rascal
Jul 14, 2009 21:28:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Clearwater Lagoon

This is a secluded lagoon that is home to the ocean's most beautiful and deadly water creatures. Sirens. These are the real deal here, not the lady pirate band. Gorgeous women with fish tails spend their days here, singing their hypnotic tunes and weaving their nets of seaweed. These creatures have claimed many a man's life, but they don't seem to have an effect on women. Not many dare to venture out this far and into their territory.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

1 25 Sorrow's Paradise (Alaya)
by Rascal
Jun 16, 2009 23:32:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Witch Swamp

Double, double. Toil and Trouble. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble.

That is what describes Witch Swamp. Trees are weak and crippled, yet alive. The water is murky with green slime and algae. The fish here are strong, but blind. They have no need to see what they cannot see anyway. Alligators also live here. Underwater, their already-poor vision is obscured by the algae. But their eyes aid them just fine above the surface, so watch out.

Witches once lived here, and every once in a while, people disappear into the swamp and don't come out. That is the reason why it was given its name. It was meant to warn folks from entering. But still, it seems to have gone ignored by some...

Moderator: Caesar Lions

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Frozen Lands

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No New Posts Death Mountains

This is the mountain range that Elliot and Lillian died in. It's previous name was lost, but it was named Death after them. The name does it an injustice. These mountains are some of the most beautiful in all the world, formed completely of ice, crystal, and rock. On the few days that the fog leaves the mountains, and the sun hits it just right, it sends great rainbows into the sky. But when the moon hits it, people have said to have seen magical things happen...

Moderator: Caesar Lions

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No New Posts Sorrow's Cave

This is the cave where the Prince and Princess spent their final hours together before they were found and killed by their angry subjects, all those hundred years ago. Legend has it that the beautiful icicles and crystals that decorate the cave were formed by their very tears.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: Lovers' Hideout, Death Pit

1 104 Warming Up (Sirinity)
by Caesar Lions
Jul 26, 2009 22:15:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Ice Forest

This piece of land has no trees at all. What is here, however, are giant cones of solid ice. Lots of them. These cones actually resemble pine trees, therefore giving the little ice field its name. It's quite an interesting little forest, and you certainly won't regret coming here.

Also, it's only fair that you know... There have been strange animal sitings around these parts.Watch out.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

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Sailing Waters

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No New Posts The Golden Sea

These are the waters from which the Pirates sailed, just west of the mainland. But the sea is far from its name. The water here is black, with no visibility to the bottom. It is called the Golden Sea because so many battles have been fought over gold upon it, that the unseen floor is said to be made of nothing but gold and sunken ships and skeletons. It really is a frightening place here. Day or night.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: The Black Shore, Anchor Rock

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No New Posts Hammerhead Ocean

These waters are just south of the mainland, and are completely infested with Hammerhead sharks. They are typically a rare species in most areas, but here is different. Here is their perfect habitat. A breeding ground. The water here is deep, but clear to about 40 feet down. Near the shore, it is clean and warm. Perfect for swimming, if you don't go out too far, that is. You wouldn't want to be swimming with the hammerheads.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-board: Crescent Isle

3 142 Spain
by Alaya Seawitch
Nov 19, 2010 23:11:22 GMT -5


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No New Posts General Board

You can talk about anything here, as well as view the old threads.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-board: Old Threads

by Sirinity Godspeed
Oct 6, 2009 20:47:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Ye Olde Shoppe

Spend your gold pieces here! Many wonders await you! Buy things for your character or for yourself. Even Pirates like to shop. (Well... they buy the things they can't steal, anyway)

Moderator: Caesar Lions

1 1 The Stocks (Not finished)
by Caesar Lions
Jun 3, 2009 19:13:38 GMT -5
No New Posts Journey Afar

Going away on a trip? Get into trouble? Computer broken? Or maybe you're leaving the site? Post here if you'll be going away for a while.

Moderator: Caesar Lions

7 14 Horseback trail ride
by Caesar Lions
Aug 8, 2009 11:38:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Suggestion/Complaint Box

Suggestions? Complaints? Post them here! Guests are welcome as well!

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: Suggestions, Complaints

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No New Posts Creative Arts

The artwork, stories, poems, pictures and creations made by members can be found here. Post here to share your arts so others can view them!

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: Stories and Tales, Prose and Poetry, Paintings, Sketches and Drawings, Pictures and Photographs, Miscellaneous

5 5
No New Posts Book of Travelers

This is the records of the travelers that have stopped to visit this site. They've left their mark here for you to see

Advertisement Board! Guest Friendly!

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-boards: Peaceful Friends, First-Time Travelers, Old-Time Travelers

121 125 Pirate Seas [LB]
by EllVart
Nov 13, 2019 15:38:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Board

Moderator: Caesar Lions

Sub-board: Those Who've Left

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